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123fahrschule SE Increases Capital by 103,186 Shares

On July 1, 2024, the management board of 123fahrschule SE announced a capital increase through the issuance of 103,186 shares. This increase, backed by an in-kind contribution of EUR 387,980.63 from the sellers of Foerst GmbH, aligns with the company's recent acquisition of Foerst GmbH.

The new shares are priced at EUR 3.76 each, based on the average weighted XETRA stock exchange price prior to the resolution. The sellers signed a lock-up agreement, prohibiting the sale of 50% of these shares until December 31, 2024. Shareholders' subscription rights are excluded.

This non-cash capital increase is set for implementation following its entry in the commercial register. The management aims to solidify the company's financial foundation post-acquisition.

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