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Aclara Forms Strategic Alliance with VAC to Boost Permanent Magnet Supply Chain

Aclara Resources Inc. announced a Memorandum of Understanding with VACUUMSCHMELZE GmbH & Co. KG to develop a "mine-to-magnets" solution for ESG-compliant permanent magnets. This non-exclusive preliminary agreement aims to approach potential clients together.

Both parties see a significant market opportunity due to rising demand for electric vehicles and clean technologies that require rare earth permanent magnets. Supply chain limitations among Asia-based suppliers create a demand for resilient, ESG-focused solutions.

Aclara is developing ionic clay projects in Chile and Brazil to produce high-purity heavy rare earth carbonate. VAC, a leading producer of rare earth magnets outside Asia, will integrate these materials for permanent magnet production.

The alliance will focus on developing a reliable supply of high-performance permanent magnets, optimizing cost structures, and approaching new customers. This partnership aims to contribute to global climate change goals.

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