Acquisition of the company Galimmo SCA by Carmila

On July 1, 2024, Carmila finalized the acquisition of nearly 93% of the capital of Galimmo SCA, a listed French real estate company, as well as the entirety of Galimmo Services France. This acquisition was made from the Louis Delhaize group and Galimmo Real Estate.

This transaction is part of the finalization of the takeover by the Carrefour group of the Cora and Match brands in France, also announced today. The plans to acquire Cora and Match by Carrefour and Galimmo SCA by Carmila were revealed on July 12, 2023.

Carmila also granted Primonial Capimmo a unilateral promise to purchase the remaining 7% of Galimmo SCA, exercisable until July 30, 2024. If this promise is exercised, Carmila would hold 99.9% of the capital of Galimmo SCA.

A public offer, followed by a possible squeeze-out, will be filed by Carmila for the remaining shares of Galimmo SCA. The offer price will be at least €11.93 per share, subject to the work of the independent expert appointed by Galimmo SCA.

The listing of Galimmo SCA shares on Euronext Paris, suspended on July 1, 2024, will resume on July 2, 2024 when the markets open.

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