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Amundi Physical Metals plc: UK Final Terms

Amundi Physical Metals plc has issued the final terms for its Amundi Physical Gold ETC. This tranche, numbered 569, consists of 30,000 ETC Securities. These are launched under the Secured Precious Metal Linked ETC Securities Programme, initiated on 23 May 2019. The issue date for this tranche is set for 2 July 2024.

The total number of ETC Securities in this series will total 49,825,755 post-issuance. Each ETC Security has a metal entitlement of 0.04 fine troy ounces initially, adjusting to 0.03971503 fine troy ounces at the subscription trade date of the relevant tranche.

ETC Securities are scheduled to mature on 23 May 2118. Board approval for issuance was secured on 25 April 2019, with HSBC Bank plc serving as one of the primary authorised participants. The ETC Securities will be listed on multiple exchanges, including Euronext Paris, Euronext Amsterdam, Deutsche Börse, Borsa Italiana, and the London Stock Exchange. The nominal amount per security is set at USD 5.085.

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