BlueGrace Energy Bolivia Partners with Axiom Life and Health for Global Community Development

BlueGrace Energy Bolivia (BGEB), alongside Maximance 2030 LTD, has entered a strategic collaboration with Ottawa-based Axiom Life and Health Inc. The partnership aims to provide comprehensive health and financing solutions for development projects in impoverished and indigenous communities globally.

The collaboration will leverage Axiom's medical insurance expertise and BGEB's public-private partnership skills. Innovative financing through carbon credit securities will be utilized, empowering development initiatives. Additionally, Axiom's health insurance plan, Axiom Healthcare, will be implemented, offering global, zero-cost network coverage and full medical expense coverage.

Profit sharing from carbon credit sales will be equitable, with Axiom assisting in healthcare cost reductions for beneficiary communities. This initiative was announced during Expo Favela 2024 in São Paulo, Brazil, where potential health insurance plans with FBank were discussed.

Favela Holding and MAG Seguros have launched F Seguros, focusing on Brazil’s favela communities. BlueGrace Energy Bolivia is in early negotiations to join this initiative, aligning with BGEB's commitment to sustainability and community empowerment.

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