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Bonyf NV Anticipates Record Breaking Growth in 2024

Ghent, Belgium - Bonyf NV, a leader in oral health products listed on the Euronext Paris, expects unprecedented growth in 2024 following its compliance with the European Medical Device Regulation (MDR). This compliance has solidified Bonyf’s market stance and elevated its global credibility, propelling its shift towards becoming a significant player in contract manufacturing. The company now attributes 70% of its sales to this sector—with long-term contracts established since 2023 that promise sustainable growth.

Bonyf's advantageous position in the market is further reinforced by its unique product line and the increasing global demand for oral hygiene products, emphasizing its patented and innovative formulations. Among these, NitrAdine denture cleansing tablets are notable for their exceptional disinfection performance, alongside the “Olivafix Gold” denture fixative creams which have been reformulated with organic ingredients like olive oil. The R&D department continues to enhance their product range, ensuring Bonyf remains at the forefront of oral health solutions.

Looking ahead to 2024, Bonyf is confident in achieving a balanced and robust sales outcome based on their current trajectory and ongoing negotiations. The firm expects this year to be a transformative period, contributing to their goal of becoming a dominant force in the global oral hygiene market.

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