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Boron One Holdings Inc. Advances the Licensing Process for its Piskanja Boron Project

Boron One Holdings Inc. (TSXV:BONE) has applied to the Serbian Mining Ministry for an "Approval of the Exploitation Field" for its Piskanja Boron Project. This step is pivotal in the mine licensing process, granting exclusive rights to develop and monetize the mineral deposit in Serbia.

The application includes a Serbian compliant Feasibility Study, an Environmental Impact Assessment Synopsis, a "Certificate of Reserves," and required permits. Tim Daniels, President of Boron One, emphasized the significance of this milestone and the company's ongoing efforts to secure strategic partners and engineering groups.

Following the approval, Boron One will complete and submit mine and processing designs for final approval before construction. This move aligns with the company’s goal to responsibly utilize boron assets while advancing environmental sustainability.

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