Chargeurs Museum Studio Achieves Significant Commercial Success

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Chargeurs Museum Studio (CMS) reported an outstanding commercial performance in the first half of 2024, securing an order book exceeding €300 million. This includes a major contract in Texas, strengthening visibility for the next five years. With confirmed orders equivalent to two years of expected revenue, CMS anticipates sustaining growth across the Middle East and Asia.

Key achievements in the Middle East include significant contracts in Saudi Arabia for thematic museums. In Asia, CMS has signed a major contract in Vietnam and is negotiating additional projects in Southeast Asia. In Europe, CMS has achieved success with high-value projects, such as the Cézanne-Renoir Exhibition in Milan.

The momentum is supported by CMS's creative and technological capabilities, and the secured projects enhance their prospects for 2025 and beyond. The company forecasts €150 million in revenue for 2024, positioning itself well to capture a market valued at nearly a billion euros over the next five years.

Michaël Fribourg, CEO of Chargeurs, highlighted the growth across all business lines and validated CMS’s business model, aiming to continue global expansion and profitability. Delphine de Canecaude, Managing Director of CMS, praised the team's efforts in winning projects and underlined their expertise in integrating advanced technologies, creating enriched museum experiences worldwide.

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