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Comforte AG and Databricks Partner to Enhance Security on Data and AI Platform

Comforte AG, a global leader in data security, announces its strategic collaboration with Databricks. Comforte's data-centric security technology is now available as an Integrated Partner Solution for the Databricks platform. “This synergy empowers businesses to unify and analyze data securely,” stated Henning Horst, Chief Technology Officer at Comforte.

Joint customers can now benefit from enhanced data protection, adding an additional layer of security for data, analytics, and AI initiatives on the Databricks platform.

Comforte's solution enables secure data flows and analytics at scale. The privacy-preserving technology allows secure use of datasets with personally identifiable information (PII) across hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud setups. "Data analytics teams require self-service access to data securely," added Horst.

Comforte's approach ensures data remains de-identified and secure even if perimeter defenses are breached, meeting stringent data security standards like PCI DSS and GDPR while maintaining privacy standards and customer trust.

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