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Concierge Care Advisors Announces the Formation of Its Physician Advisory Board

Concierge Care Advisors, a leading senior living and care resource agency in Washington, has announced the formation of its new Physician Advisory Board. This development highlights the company's commitment to providing superior healthcare guidance for seniors.

The board includes renowned professionals like Dr. Brian Ferris, a Vascular Surgeon from the University of Virginia School of Medicine, and Dr. Alex De Moraes, a Family Medicine Physician and retired U.S. Air Force Reserve flight surgeon. Their involvement aims to enhance the quality of senior care provided by the company.

Marc Lilly, Co-Founder and CEO, emphasized the significant role the new advisory board will play in shaping the future of Concierge Care Advisors. He noted that the board's expertise would ensure the company remains at the forefront of quality and innovation in senior care services.

Dr. Ferris highlighted the importance of coordinated care in managing aging patients, while Dr. De Moraes advocated for investing in the senior community to improve the quality of life in care facilities.

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