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Concord Unveils Revolutionary AI-Powered Agreement Intelligence for Contract Management

Concord, the leading agreement management platform for scaling SMBs, announces the launch of its groundbreaking Agreement Intelligence, powered by AI. Available from July 15, 2024, the new feature effortlessly unlocks key data from agreements, contracts, and other important documents, enabling seamless and automated lifecycle management.

The Agreement Intelligence feature, integrated into Concord's app, extracts key contract terms and populates data within seconds. This capability allows businesses to capture essential details immediately upon uploading, reducing manual data entry and minimizing errors. Additionally, the AI can auto-populate third-party data, generating instant summaries of parties involved in agreements.

Enhanced analytics provide users with actionable insights from signed agreements, which include metrics that help mitigate risks and boost financial performance. Concord's AI also offers bulk analysis, processing hundreds of files simultaneously to streamline contract management processes.

More than one million users currently trust Concord for their agreement management needs, reporting significant improvements in efficiency and organization. This new AI feature solidifies Concord's position as a market leader in innovative contract management solutions.

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