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Daniel J. Ocasio Earns Lawyers of Distinction Award for Third Year in a Row

Lawyers of Distinction has announced Daniel J. Ocasio, Managing Partner of DJO Whistleblower Law Group, as a distinguished member for the third consecutive year. This recognition highlights his continuous excellence in the legal field.

Ocasio, a former government prosecutor, represents whistleblowers under the Federal False Claims Act and other major whistleblower programs. His firm, co-founded with Christopher Piacentile, is noted for winning a $40.5 million settlement against Apria Healthcare Group in 2017 and securing a $25.5 million settlement against Lincare Holdings in 2024.

Ocasio remarked that the award underscores the dedication of their team and the courage of their clients. DJO has successfully filed over 100 cases against top healthcare providers, exposing fraud and seeking justice for U.S. taxpayers.

Piacentile emphasized their commitment to integrity and fighting fraud, aiming to create a more transparent society. This award propels DJO to further support whistleblowers.

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