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Delivery Hero Faces Potential EUR 400 Million Fine for Antitrust Violations

Berlin, 7 July 2024 – Delivery Hero SE may face a fine exceeding EUR 400 million due to alleged anti-competitive practices. The company has been accused of sharing national markets, exchanging sensitive information, and engaging in no-poach agreements. In response, the Management Board has decided to significantly increase the existing provision of EUR 186 million.

This provision adjustment follows unannounced inspections by the European Commission in July 2022 and November 2023. Recent discussions with the Commission and a detailed analysis prompted this decision. Delivery Hero has expressed its intention to cooperate fully with the ongoing investigation.

The fine and increased provision reflect serious potential repercussions for the company, with impacts likely extending to its financial performance and market position. Investors and stakeholders are advised to monitor the situation closely as it develops.

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