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Early Warning Report Filed for Azarga Metals Corp. by Blake A. Steele

Blake A. Steele has announced the acquisition of additional securities of Azarga Metals Corp. Steele has filed an early warning report to disclose his increased holdings in the company.

Prior to this acquisition, Steele owned 1,281,951 Common Shares, representing 3.5% of Azarga Metals Corp.'s issued and outstanding shares. Following the acquisition, Steele now holds 6,287,881 Common Shares, which accounts for 17.3% of the shares.

Additionally, Steele possesses 400,000 Restricted Share Units of Azarga Metals Corp., set to convert into Common Shares upon vesting. This would elevate his holdings to 6,787,881 Common Shares, approximately 18.2% of the total outstanding shares on a partially diluted basis.

The securities were acquired for investment purposes. Steele may, depending on market and other conditions, either acquire or dispose of these securities through various means, including open market or private transactions.

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