Eiffage Partners With Google Cloud to Enhance AI Strategy

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Paris and Sunnyvale, Calif. - June 27, 2024 - Eiffage, a major European construction and concessions company, has announced a strategic partnership with Google Cloud to accelerate its AI initiatives. This collaboration aims to boost operational efficiency and ease the workload of Eiffage’s teams through a structured technological approach.

Leveraging Google Cloud’s data and AI solutions, Eiffage plans to develop an AI strategy to simplify tasks, processes, and overall operations. The partnership will see the creation of an internal platform using solutions like BigQuery, Apigee, Vertex AI, and Gemini models, ensuring high standards of security and confidentiality.

Additionally, Eiffage aims to integrate a curriculum on data and AI within Eiffage University, enhancing employees’ understanding and skills related to technological innovation. This will facilitate the internal adoption of AI and empower teams to lead in innovation.

The new IT platform will also benefit from Google Cloud's lower-carbon footprint and sustainability performance, supporting Eiffage’s sustainability goals. "AI is here to help our teams and drive sustainable growth," stated Jean Philippe FAURE, CIO at Eiffage.

Google Cloud’s involvement promises more than just technological support. "We are thrilled to support Eiffage in moving from AI experimentation to AI construction," said Isabelle Fraine, Managing Director France at Google Cloud.

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