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Embark Goes Live With Dayshape as the Consulting Firm Continues to Disrupt the Professional Services Industry

Embark, one of the world's fastest growing consulting firms, has implemented Dayshape's AI-powered resource management platform. This integration with Workday aims to better connect people to work as part of a packaged solution.

Dayshape, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, uses AI technology for professional services planning. The company is thrilled to have Embark as a customer, stating that their AI capabilities will support Embark's growth. This aligns with Embark's philosophy that happy employees contribute to business success.

Embark, with over 600 employees across 18 U.S. offices, previously used Kantata PSA. However, their rapid growth required a more advanced resource management solution. Dayshape's partnership with Workday offers this, making Embark's decision easier.

The native integration between Dayshape and Workday will streamline Embark's resource management and improve efficiency, client satisfaction, and career progression. This holistic approach supports Embark's goal of excellent client execution.

This year, Embark will benefit fully from Dayshape and Workday's packaged solution, optimizing scheduling and resource allocations through real-time data feeds between the platforms.

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