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Empress Royalty Amends Articles to Include Advance Notice Provisions

Vancouver, BC / ACCESSWIRE / June 28, 2024 - Empress Royalty Corp. (TSXV:EMPR, OTCQX:EMPYF) announced that its shareholders approved a special resolution to amend the Company's articles. This resolution requires advance notice for nominations to its board of directors.

The new Article 26, called the "Advance Notice Provisions," mandates that shareholders must provide timely notice and follow specific procedures for board nominations. For annual meetings, notice must be given by 5:00 pm (Vancouver time) 30 days prior to the meeting. If the meeting date is set within 50 days, notice must be given within 10 days of the public announcement. For special meetings, notice must be given within 15 days of the announcement.

Details required in the notice include the nominee's personal and professional information, their relationship with the nominating shareholder, and a written consent from the nominee. The Board retains the right to waive any requirements at its discretion.

The complete text of the amended articles is available on

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