Europlasma: Inertam will treat 4,500 Italian tonnes of asbestos waste

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Europlasma, a specialist in the treatment of hazardous waste, announces that its subsidiary Inertam has won a call for tenders to treat 4,500 tonnes of asbestos waste from Italy. This waste will be sent to INERTAM after authorization from the competent authorities.

This order comes from an Italian company which systematically eliminates and recycles the waste collected in its factories, favoring ecological solutions in compliance with European directives.

INERTAM is the only industrial installation in the world capable of definitively eradicating asbestos and recovering the Cofalit® by-product. This solution is essential for Italy, which does not have an effective domestic method for this type of hazardous waste.

Bila Nebbad, Development Director, expresses her pride in contributing to this project, emphasizing the importance of the circular economy and preservation of the environment.

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