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Fielmann Group Grows HY1/2024 Sales by 12%, Improves Profitability

Fielmann Group AG reported a significant 12% sales increase in HY1/2024 compared to 2023, reaching €1.1 billion. The strong performance is attributed to customer loyalty, a larger share of progressive lenses and hearing aids, and efficiencies from the Cost Leadership Program. EBITDA grew by 14%, reaching €235-€240 million, with an improved margin of 21.6%.

Driven by digitalisation and international expansion under Vision 2025, Fielmann introduced new technologies such as AI-driven online frame consulting and digital eye health checks. Over 50,000 customers have already used these services, highlighting the company's commitment to accessible eye health.

International markets saw a sales boost of 26%. Austria, Spain, and Poland reported double-digit growth. The U.S. segment contributed €58 million, enhanced by the acquisition of Shopko Optical, expanding Fielmann's reach.

For the full year 2024, Fielmann expects consolidated sales of €2.3 billion, targeting a 23% EBITDA margin in Europe and 24% at the Group level by 2025.

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