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Fix Price Group PLC: Fix Price Opens 300th Store in Kazakhstan

Fix Price Group PLC (LSE and MOEX: FIXP, AIX: FIXP.Y), a leading global variety value retailer, has opened its 300th store in Kazakhstan. The new store is located in Almaty. As of 30 June 2024, Fix Price operated 304 stores across Kazakhstan, comprising 287 Company-operated and 17 franchise stores spread across 19 regions and 55 cities, towns, and localities.

The company plans to open 40 more stores in Kazakhstan by the end of 2024. It expanded its network by 24 outlets in the first half of the year and aims to add 16 more stores before December. Fix Price is also enhancing its online presence through marketplace partnerships and click-and-collect options. The loyalty program grew by 30% to 740,000 members as of June 2024.

Fix Price’s assortment in Kazakhstan includes locally manufactured goods. In the first half of 2024, locally made household chemicals and food products accounted for 4% and 8% of sales respectively. The company leased a distribution centre in Astana in 2023 to optimize local assortment distribution.

Fix Price employs 1,900 people in Kazakhstan, strengthening its commitment to the local economy.

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