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Form Bio and PacBio Partner to Enhance AAV Design and Analysis Standards

On June 27, 2024, Form Bio and PacBio announced initiatives to advance AAV-based gene therapy. The collaboration includes the formation of a working group with industry experts to develop essential tools such as an AAV data dictionary and open-source tools.

AAV is a promising technology for gene therapy, but inconsistent terminology and methodologies have hindered progress. The initiative aims to standardize nomenclature and reporting practices, thereby facilitating regulatory reviews and fostering collaboration.

The working group consists of experts from industry and academia, including members from Duke University and Nationwide Children's Hospital. Key resources developed include a preprint publication on standardized nomenclature, an open-source workflow for AAV analysis, an AAV data dictionary, and a regulatory case study.

These resources are available on the new AAV Resource Hub at The collaboration aims to streamline development processes and enhance the effectiveness of AAV-based gene therapies, ultimately benefiting patients worldwide.

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