Gaussin: Offer to take over Metalliance assets by CORAIL-SM

Stock price chart of GAUSSIN (EPA:ALGAU) showing fluctuations.

GAUSSIN, leader in innovative transport and logistics solutions, announces an offer to take over the assets of its subsidiary METALLIANCE by CORAIL-SM. This offer comes as part of the legal recovery of Metalliance and the search for candidate buyers.

The buyer, CORAIL-SM, is financed by CORAL REEF CAPITAL and SANDTON CAPITAL PARTNERS. The offer is structured around two new entities dedicated to tunnel boring and low-carbon mobility activities. The sale price is 1 million euros, with job cuts planned.

GAUSSIN expresses reservations regarding the social impacts and the protection of its intellectual property. An offer to buy back the stock for 3 million euros was proposed by GAUSSIN to isolate this point from the current sale plan.

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