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GBI Group Joins ICG and Immo2.Zero Sustainability Initiatives

The German real estate company GBI Group has announced its membership in the Institute for Corporate Governance in the Real Estate Industry (ICG) and the DENEFF initiative Immo2.Zero. These new affiliations align with GBI Group's focus on sustainable corporate governance and building decarbonisation. Alexandra Quint, Head of Sustainability & ESG at GBI, highlights the importance of industry collaboration to meet the sector’s transformative challenges.

The ICG focuses on value-based corporate governance and social impact, while Immo2.Zero works on climate protection in property development. Susanne Eickermann-Riepe, Chairwoman of the ICG Executive Board, emphasizes the evolving priorities of investors and the necessity of early preparation. DENEFF's Susann Bollmann notes that achieving climate-neutral property portfolios by 2045 requires shared expertise and optimal networking.

Dominic Rudi, Chief Development Officer at GBI, points to ongoing projects like timber frame constructions in Hersbruck and Ehningen as examples of the company’s commitment to sustainability. These projects incorporate renewable materials and green technologies, demonstrating GBI’s dedication to future-oriented, circular construction.

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