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GPO Plus Launches New Mini Hub in Rapid City, South Dakota

GPO Plus, Inc. (OTCQB:GPOX), a Direct Store Delivery "DSD" company based in Las Vegas, NV, has announced the launch of a new Mini Hub in Rapid City, South Dakota. This hub aims to improve operational efficiencies and foster expansion opportunities in the Northern Midwest.

The Rapid City Mini Hub will immediately enhance service capabilities in North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Eastern Wyoming. It aims to initially service around 40 retail locations, expanding to 150 locations. Previously, these stores were serviced from Des Moines, Iowa. The new hub will reduce operational costs and improve inventory management using GPOX's PRISM+ technology platform.

This strategic development allows GPOX to offer localized, weekly services, enhancing efficiency and responsiveness. Driven by increasing regional demand, this expansion is expected to boost revenues and operational progress, reflecting positive feedback from the retail network.

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