Half-yearly review of the Damartex liquidity contract

Stock price chart of DAMARTEX (EPA:ALDAR) showing fluctuations.

The Damartex company has published its half-yearly report on the liquidity contract concluded with the Gilbert Dupont brokerage company. As of June 28, 2024, the liquidity account showed a balance of 9,875 shares and €18,425.79 in cash.

During the first half of 2024, a total of 14,531 securities were purchased for €53,741.72 through 428 transactions, while 16,148 securities were sold for €59,604.87 in 286 transactions.

For comparison, on the balance sheet of December 29, 2023, the liquidity account recorded 11,492 shares and €12,562.69 in cash.

Initially, when the liquidity contract was put in place, the resources available were 3,938 shares and €150,000.00 in cash.

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