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HB Holding N.V. and Marchica Med Sign Memorandum of Understanding for Strategic Partnership

HB Holding N.V., a Dutch real estate and technology investment firm, has entered into a strategic partnership with Marchica Med, a subsidiary of the Agency for the Development of the Marchica Lagoon (Morocco). The Memorandum of Understanding aims to develop a significant real estate and tourism project in Atalayoun, northern Morocco.

This new venture is poised to enhance the Marchica Lagoon development program in Nador province. The project will involve an investment exceeding 80 million Euros, focusing on both modernity and ecological sustainability. It will include a four-star hotel, luxury residences, and a marina, among other facilities.

Loubna Boutaleb, Director General of the Agency for the Development of the Marchica Lagoon, emphasized the importance of private sector collaboration in bringing dynamism to the region's socio-economic and tourism growth. The project aligns with Marchica Med's mid-term action plan and aims to create around 100 permanent jobs.

HB Holding CEO Henri Broen and partner Solayman Bouharrou expressed their optimism for the project. They believe it will establish new standards for responsible tourism and sustainable development in Nador and the entire region.

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