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HepaRegeniX Raises €15 Million to Advance Liver Regeneration Drug

HepaRegeniX GmbH has secured €15 million in a Series C funding round led by Vesalius Biocapital IV. The funds will support a Phase Ib clinical trial in the US and an international Phase IIa trial for HRX-215, a drug aimed at enhancing liver regeneration.

The company also announced key leadership changes. Elias Papatheodorou will now serve as CEO, transitioning from his role as Chair of the Board. Additionally, Dr. Linda Greenbaum joins as Chief Medical Officer, bringing extensive clinical development experience.

HRX-215, a small molecule inhibitor of MKK4, aims to boost liver regeneration, crucial in treating liver diseases and facilitating liver transplants. This funding marks a significant step in advancing HRX-215 through its clinical stages.

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