Holcim Acquires Mark Desmedt to Boost Circular Construction

Holcim has completed the acquisition of Mark Desmedt, a leading recycler of construction demolition materials in Belgium. This strategic move aims to accelerate circular construction in key metropolitan areas like Brussels and Antwerp. The acquisition aligns with Holcim's goal to recycle 10 million tons of construction demolition materials annually.

Mark Desmedt, founded in 1989 and a prominent player in the recycling sector, processes over 500,000 tons of materials each year. Its strategic locations near Belgium's largest cities will enhance Holcim's ECOCycle® technology footprint in the region.

With this acquisition, Holcim continues its expansion in Europe, following earlier acquisitions of Cand-Landi Group in Switzerland, Land Recovery in the UK, and Mendiger Basalt in Germany. CEO Miljan Gutovic emphasized the profitable growth potential through circular construction solutions facilitated by this acquisition.

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