Holcim to Deploy Artificial Intelligence to Reinforce Manufacturing Capacity

Holcim is set to expand the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across more than 100 manufacturing plants globally in the next four years. Currently utilized at 45 plants, AI technology will be scaled up to prevent failures and enhance efficiency, reinforcing operational resilience.

Partnering with AI platform provider C3 AI, Holcim will roll out advanced predictive maintenance solutions and pilot generative AI to further boost capabilities. CEO Miljan Gutovic stated that AI is pivotal to revolutionizing the industry and improving customer service.

This initiative is part of Holcim's "Plants of Tomorrow" program, aiming to modernize over 140 cement plants and grinding stations. The program leverages digital and AI solutions to create smart, energy-efficient sites and includes the use of drones for inspection and smart control systems for energy management.

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