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Hunyvers publishes its third quarter turnover

Hunyvers, a specialist in the distribution of leisure vehicles, recorded a 16.8% increase in its turnover over the first nine months of the 2023-2024 financial year, reaching 91.2 million euros. This growth includes a clear acceleration in the third quarter with an increase of 21.5%.

Sales in the boating branch jumped by 509.1%, thanks in particular to strategic acquisitions. On the other hand, internal growth remains modest with an increase of 0.9%. The leisure vehicle (VDL) branch posted organic growth of 1.3% while boating fell by 14.5%.

Hunyvers is accentuating its development in the nautical sector through acquisitions such as the Arcachon Bay shipyards. This could increase the share of boating to more than 20% of the company's full-year turnover.

The company remains confident in its prospects for 2025, targeting turnover above 170 million euros and an operating margin of 6.5%.

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