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IBU-tec Enters Recycling Partnership with GRS Batterien

Weimar, 27 June 2024 – IBU-tec advanced materials AG has announced a new partnership with GRS Batterien Service GmbH and the Joint Take-Back System Batteries Foundation to develop a sustainable recycling compound called "Green Mass" from used LFP batteries. This collaboration aims to enhance IBU-tec's presence in the expanding battery recycling market.

The pilot project involves enriching and thermally treating the black mass obtained from LFP batteries to produce a pollutant-free "green mass." The final product will be reusable in new battery production. IBU-tec will utilize its thermal process engineering expertise and rotary kilns to support this initiative.

The partnership aligns with the EU Battery Directive, which mandates the use of recycled materials in new lithium batteries. A PwC study forecasts a tenfold increase in recycled battery materials from 2030 to 2040. The initiative is also expected to attract over €2 billion in investments within the European recycling sector by 2030.

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