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INNIO Group and Energie SaarLorLux Plan Climate-Neutral Power Generation by 2032

Jenbach, Austria — INNIO Group and Energie SaarLorLux announced plans to fully convert the 53 MW GAMOR power plant to green hydrogen by 2032. A joint memorandum of understanding has been signed for this purpose. The project involves five Jenbacher engines from INNIO Group, which will be operated using this CO2-free energy source.

The GAMOR plant, currently using natural gas, started operations in 2022, replacing a former coal-fired power plant. The transition to green hydrogen will provide CO2-free electricity to 65,000 households and CO2-free heat to 11,000 households. These engines can also serve as a black start power plant, aiding the city's water distribution during blackouts.

"With the commissioning of our Jenbacher large engines, Energie SaarLorLux completed the coal phase-out in 2022. We are pleased to now start the next milestone towards climate neutrality by 2032 with the conversion of GAMOR to green hydrogen," stated Dr. Olaf Berlien, president and CEO of INNIO Group.

Joachim Morsch, board member and spokesperson of Energie SaarLorLux AG, added, "By planning to convert GAMOR to green hydrogen by 2032, we are supporting the transformation of the energy supply in Saarland and can take a pioneering role nationwide."

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