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Inspire11 Acquires Integral, Enhancing AI and Software Engineering Expertise

Inspire11, a prominent business and technology consulting firm, announced its acquisition of Integral, an innovative software engineering company. This strategic expansion aims to accelerate Inspire11's growth in AI and software engineering, emphasizing its commitment to innovation and client success.

Alban Mehmeti, CEO and Co-Founder of Inspire11, expressed enthusiasm about welcoming Integral's team. He highlighted the company's focus on value creation and innovation as key to its market success. Hans Nelson, President and Co-Founder, emphasized the firm's goal of providing high-quality, sustainable solutions for clients.

Integral’s expertise will enhance Inspire11’s 11x Delivery Methodology, an agile approach designed to maximize efficiency and minimize inefficiencies. Mehmeti noted that AI is vital to Inspire11, and Integral’s capabilities will bolster the firm’s AI-driven solutions, positioning it as a leader in the industry.

Integral CEO Ashok Sivanand sees the acquisition as an opportunity for mutual growth. He praised the alignment of visions and values between the two companies, forecasting significant advancements in client service and team development.

This acquisition reaffirms Inspire11's dedication to technological advancement, creating opportunities for innovation and client success.

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