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Irish Residential Properties REIT Plc Issues Block Listing Interim Review

Irish Residential Properties REIT plc (IRES) has submitted its block listing interim review on July 2, 2024, to the Regulation Department at Euronext Dublin. The review covers the period from December 16, 2023, to July 1, 2024.

The company reported an unallotted balance of 4,596,499 securities under its 2014 Long Term Incentive Plan, with no increase or allotment of securities during the period. Hence, the balance remains unchanged at the end of the review period.

This return is intended to be electronically submitted and aligns with regulatory requirements. Daragh O’Reilly of Davy is listed as the contact person for this announcement.

Additional information regarding privacy policies is available on the Euronext Dublin website.

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