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Keyark Unveils Innovative KeySQL Database Technology

FOSTER CITY, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 26, 2024 / Silicon Valley startup Keyark, Inc. has launched its new-generation KeySQL database technology. This solution enables non-programmers to efficiently analyze large volumes of complex data, including JSON file collections accumulated by organizations. Conventional flat SQL databases struggle with such non-flat data, but KeySQL Server can convert and analyze JSON files instantly, handling other non-flat formats similarly.

KeySQL is built around the Key-object Data Model, similar to how standard SQL is based on the Relational Data Model introduced by Edgar F. Codd. The platform manages complex enterprise data while adhering to SQL standards. Its high-level SQL functionalities, such as joins, set operations, and aggregations, apply equally to non-flat data. Familiarity with SQL means KeySQL can be grasped quickly.

Creating databases or "stores" with KeySQL is straightforward, requiring no parameters unless specified by users. The platform uses an independent storage layer compatible with various SQL databases, offering scalability and flexibility. The KeySQL Scalable Platform marks a significant step in data management, providing a unified solution for flat and non-flat data analytics and unlocking potential for innovation.

The platform expands application possibilities, including structured searches on the web and a universal data layer for AI systems. The book "KeySQL: The Definitive Guide. SQL for NoSQL Data" is now available on Amazon, Apple, and Google.

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