METAVISIO-THOMSON: Revenue growth of 33% in H1 2024

Stock price chart of METAVISIO (EPA:ALTHO) showing fluctuations.

METAVISIO (THOMSON Computing), a French company specializing in laptop computers, saw a 33% increase in its turnover in the first half of 2024 compared to the previous year. Revenue increased from 8.3 million euros in H1 2023 to 11.1 million euros in H1 2024.

Despite an inflationary context and geopolitical tensions, METAVISIO-THOMSON achieved this performance thanks to its market shares in France and the start of deliveries to India. Orders increased significantly, strengthening the recognition of the THOMSON brand internationally.

The teams started deliveries via Flipkart in India and created a subsidiary in Shenzhen, in partnership with the Chinese group PEOPLE. The growth outlook for the second half of 2024 is supported by a targeted sales schedule and an increase in equity from €12.3 million to €26.9 million.

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