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Noratis AG Schedules Bondholders' Meeting to Extend Corporate Bond Term

Noratis AG plans to extend its corporate bond 2020/2025 until 31 December 2028. The company has resolved, with supervisory board approval, to invite bondholders to a meeting on 10 September 2024 in Eschborn to discuss this extension. The bond, worth EUR 50 million, is crucial for their restructuring concept.

The extension proposal is driven by uncertainties surrounding the scheduled repayment of the bond on 11 November 2025 due to a challenging real estate market. The company also proposes appointing e.Anleihe GmbH as the Joint Representative of bondholders.

Additionally, Noratis AG intends to extend another bond, the EUR 40 million 2021/2027 bearer bond, until 31 December 2029. Invitations for the meeting will be published in the German Federal Gazette, and bondholders are encouraged to attend or be represented by proxy.

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