Quadpack Injects EUR 50,000 into Liquidity Contract with Invest Securities

Quadpack Industries (Euronext Growth: ALQP), a key player in the global beauty packaging sector, has announced a €50,000 cash contribution to its liquidity contract with Invest Securities. The contribution was made on 5 July 2024. This financial move aims to balance the cash and shares listed on the Euronext Growth stock exchange in Paris.

Invest Securities, as the investment services provider, will utilize these additional resources to stabilize the share price effectively, adhering to Article 4 of AMF Decision No. 2021-01 of 22 June 2021. Their goal is to prevent price discrepancies inconsistent with the prevailing market conditions.

As of market close on 5 July 2024, the liquidity account’s resources totaled 25,733 shares and €60,489.24 in cash. This is a substantial increase compared to the half-year balance sheet of 31 December 2023, which reported 19,002 shares and €29,946.88 in cash.

Quadpack began its relationship with Invest Securities on 14 October 2019, securing an initial €300,000 liquidity contract linked to its Euronext Growth listing on 18 October 2019. This partnership aims to enhance active trading and ensure share price stability.

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