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Rachael Sage Releases Official Video for Celebratory Track, 'The Place Of Fun'

Alt-folk-pop singer-songwriter Rachael Sage has unveiled a celebratory video for "The Place Of Fun (Reimagined)" from her recent album Another Side (MPress Records). The video features symbolic imagery of shrouded dancers behind a screen, representing lockdown isolation, contrasted with scenes of dancing, playing, and outdoor spaces symbolizing collective liberation. Dancer Carlos Gu, known for appearing on the BBC show Strictly Come Dancing, is featured in the clip, which was filmed in London at The Yards and directed by Irish director Lee Malone.

"The Place Of Fun (Reimagined)" is an acoustic version of a track from Sage's album The Other Side. The song features mandolin and vocals by Americana duo Annalyse & Ryan, and percussion by Austin-based Katie Marie. Sage's signature finger-picking, along with acoustic guitars, forms the core of the track. The introspective lyrics delve into themes of inner wisdom and reevaluating life priorities. Sage describes the experience of filming while recovering from a shoulder fracture, adding an element of intensity to the video.

Another Side, Sage's reimagined acoustic album, serves as a companion to The Other Side. The stripped-back instrumentation highlights Sage's vocals, resulting in lush Americana-infused tracks. The songs focus on themes of patience and optimism, capturing the essence of Sage's songwriting prowess.

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