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Rally Shows Continued Growth as Private Equity Owned Bus Companies Struggle

Rally, the Mass Mobility as a Service company, reports strong financial health and increased bookings, contrasting with the bankruptcy of a competing bus company in June. Rally disrupts traditional bus models by networking small private bus operators via its platform, creating a superior marketplace.

Rally specializes in event-based rideshare for major sports games and concerts, offering round-trip services through their app. Partnering with teams and promoters, they enable easy access to events. Their OurBus brand delivers intercity services using AI for demand forecasting, connecting over 150 stops in the Northeast US and Canada.

Rally and OurBus have surpassed the three-million-ride milestone, reaching 4,000 cities across 40 states and four countries. OurBus is also planning international expansion. CEO Numaan Akram points to the failure of legacy bus firms as evidence of outdated models, emphasizing Rally's tech-driven approach.

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