Results of the combined general meeting of Financière Marjos

Stock price chart of FINANCIERE MARJOS (EPA:FINM) showing fluctuations.

The combined general meeting of Financière Marjos was held on June 27, 2024 with a quorum of 46.8% of the capital and voting rights. All resolutions were adopted unanimously.

A key point of the meeting was the reiteration of the capital increase voted on February 2, 2024. This increase responds to a legal imperative to reconstitute equity and the need to finance the future operation of the company.

Management will focus on this capital increase, subject to approval from the Financial Markets Authority. This involves reconstituting €815k of negative equity, via a capital reduction to €50k and an increase of €1m, 75% guaranteed by a pool of shareholders.

The issuance of shares with share subscription warrants (ABSA) will allow shareholders to subscribe for new shares. These initiatives aim to provide high financial visibility and attract partners to the Euronext compartment C market.

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