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Rocket55 Boosts Web and AI Development Offerings Through Strategic Acquisition

MINNEAPOLIS, MN / ACCESSWIRE / July 9, 2024 / For the first time in its more than 15-year history, Rocket55 is expanding its capabilities through an asset acquisition. With the additions of Pixelsmith and BaseIntel, the digital marketing agency is accelerating growth with industry-leading web development capabilities and AI-powered search technology.

"At Rocket55, we take pride in being the most innovative digital agency. This strategic acquisition of assets immediately enhances our ability to offer more comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions to our clients. It not only solidifies Rocket55 as a leader in AI, but also significantly boosts our web development capabilities," said Curtis Smith, President and CEO of Rocket55. "This is a monumental leap forward as we continue our journey to build the future of digital marketing."

A Minneapolis-based web development company, Pixelsmith has a reputation for quality and collaboration, working closely with creative agencies and designers to bring web projects to life by blending form and function with true digital craftsmanship.

BaseIntel, an AI-powered search technology and platform, is a proprietary tool that harnesses precision to unlock new intelligent search capabilities. Its abilities include data subsetting, adding personas and tone of voice.

"Pixelsmith's custom web development shop extended or became the development arm of dozens of agencies and clients nationally. Our team is excited to be a part of Rocket55 moving forward and to tackle our clients' most challenging problems," said Mike Voermans, the founder of Pixelsmith, who now takes on the role of Director of AI Development for Rocket55.

Voermans added: "We are excited to share forward capabilities in custom development, integrations, eCommerce and, through BaseIntel, our AI search tool."

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