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Skeena Announces Positive Judgment by the British Columbia Court of Appeal

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Skeena Resources Limited has announced that the British Columbia Court of Appeal has overturned a prior decision regarding the ownership of waste materials from the Eskay Creek Mine. The court ruled in favor of Skeena, concluding that the company did not relinquish its rights to the materials stored in the Albino Lake Storage Facility.

The former Chief Gold Commissioner had previously determined that Richard Mill owned the Eskay Creek Material, a decision upheld by the BC Supreme Court in 2022. The Court of Appeal found this determination to be incorrect, stating that the Province did not have the rights to grant ownership of the materials to Mr. Mill in 2017.

The matter will now be referred back to the current Chief Gold Commissioner for rehearing and reconsideration. Skeena Resources expressed satisfaction with the ruling and looks forward to further decisions on its ownership claims.

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