Solocal Group's Financial Restructuring Approved by Nanterre Commercial Court

Stock price chart of SOLOCAL (EPA:LOCAL) showing fluctuations.

The Solocal Group has announced the approval of an amendment to its accelerated financial safeguard plan by the commercial court of Nanterre. This approval, dated June 27, 2024, includes a nearly unanimous 99.8% approval from noteholders. The court has appointed SELARL C. BASSE, represented by Maître Christophe Basse, to oversee the execution of the amended plan.

The court also approved a conciliation protocol for restructuring the RCF and Mini-Bond, appointing Maître Hélène Bourbouloux of FHBx as the executor. These approvals enable Solocal to proceed with its financial restructuring, previously endorsed by shareholders on June 19, 2024.

The restructuring involves a potential reduction in shareholder capital and voting rights, increasing if shareholders do not participate in the upcoming €18 million rights issue. The trading period for preferential subscription rights will run from July 5 to 22, 2024, with new shares available from July 9 to 24, 2024. Settlement and trading will commence on July 31, 2024.

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