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The Vanguard Group: Disclosure of Balanced Commercial Property Trust Limited Position

The Vanguard Group, Inc. has issued Form 8.3 in accordance with Rule 8.3 of the Takeover Code. This form discloses information regarding their equity interest in Balanced Commercial Property Trust Limited as of 01 July 2024.

Vanguard holds approximately 4.27% of Balanced Commercial Property Trust Limited’s ordinary 1p shares. This totals 29,950,699 shares owned and/or controlled by Vanguard. Additionally, on 01 July 2024, Vanguard purchased 4,736 ordinary shares at 0.80 GBP per unit.

There are no cash-settled derivatives, stock-settled derivatives, or rights to subscribe for new securities disclosed in this filing. Furthermore, no agreements, arrangements, or understandings relating to options or derivatives are noted.

The disclosure, dated 02 July 2024, was filed by Shawn Acker, who can be contacted at 001-610-669-6713.

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