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THIRA Health Appoints Dr. Al Tsai as New Medical Director

THIRA Health has appointed Dr. Al Tsai, MD, as the new Medical Director, effective July 2024. Dr. Tsai, known for his extensive training and clinical expertise, earned his MD from Boston University School of Medicine.

Dr. Tsai completed his psychiatry residency at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. His military experience includes serving as Chief of Psychiatry at Womack Army Medical Center and deployments in Afghanistan.

In his civilian career, he held key roles at Overlake Hospital and the Eating Recovery Center, pioneering treatments for depression. His work in psychopharmacology and therapies like CBT and DBT has been recognized widely.

Dr. Tsai advocates for mental health education and community outreach. Dr. Mehri Moore, founder of THIRA Health, praised his innovative approach and compassionate care, aligning with THIRA's mission for advancing psychiatric care.

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