Update on KBC Group Share Buyback Programme

Stock price chart of KBC (EBR:KBC) showing fluctuations.

KBC Group NV has provided an update on its share buyback programme, which was announced on 10 August 2023. The company conducted transactions on Euronext Brussels’ regulated market between 24 June 2024 and 28 June 2024.

Details of the purchases are as follows: On 24 June, 92,000 shares were bought at an average price of €66.92. On 25 June, 92,000 shares were acquired at €66.79. On 26 June, 93,000 shares were obtained at €66.11. On 27 June, 93,000 shares were purchased at €65.96, and on 28 June, 93,000 shares were bought at €65.88.

As of 28 June 2024, KBC Group held 18,911,766 shares within the share buyback programme, amounting to a total consideration of €1,158,303,241.

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