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Vanguard Group Discloses Significant Stake in International Distribution Services plc

The Vanguard Group, Inc. has disclosed a substantial interest in International Distribution Services plc. On 26 June 2024, Vanguard held 34,774,348 ordinary shares of 1p each, representing 3.63% of the total share capital.

Vanguard reported two transactions involving the purchase of 17,221 shares at prices of 3.16 GBP and 3.17 GBP per share, respectively. No cash-settled or stock-settled derivatives, nor additional rights to subscribe for new securities, were disclosed.

Moreover, there are no indemnities, options, or other agreements that would induce dealings in the relevant securities, nor are there arrangements concerning voting rights or future transactions tied to any derivatives.

There were no additional forms or further information attached to this disclosure. The formal statement was released on 27 June 2024.

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