VOGO Sportech Plays a Headlining Role at the Games

Stock price chart of VOGO (EPA:ALVGO) showing fluctuations.

With the 2024 Games approaching, French Sportechs receive robust support from the French State. Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castera emphasized in November 2023 the government's commitment to boosting the development, appeal, and visibility of Sportechs.

VOGO (ISIN: FR0011532225 – ALVGO) is showcasing its technologies at the event. Its solutions will aid in athlete preparation and performance improvement, refereeing, and enhancing the fan experience across several disciplines.

VOGO's innovative video and audio solutions, certified by international bodies, will be used extensively. These technologies support referees, medical decisions, and sports performance enhancement.

Before the Games, VOGO’s solutions will be deployed in venues for various sports. During the Games, they will be used in disciplines such as swimming, diving, and water polo, among others.

VOGO’s presence at the Games is a strategic opportunity for sales momentum. CEO Christophe Carniel expressed pride in the recognition gained by VOGO’s portfolio of technologies in the sports industry.

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