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VTOPS Launches New 2.5kg Milk Powder Filling and Can Sealing Machines to Enhance Production Efficiency and Quality

Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd. (VTOPS) has launched its upgraded 2.5kg milk powder filling and can sealing machines. These machines cater to filling 2.5kg milk powder into cans with a 189mm diameter, enhancing production efficiency and quality assurance for manufacturers.

The new devices integrate patented technologies, addressing the market need for high-capacity and precision in milk powder filling. Features include a high-precision auger filler ensuring over 99.9% accuracy, and advanced vacuum nitrogen filling can sealing technology to improve product freshness and shelf life.

Designed for high-speed production, the machines support parallel production and are multifunctional, suitable for various powders. This adaptability enhances production efficiency and return on investment by allowing easy switching between different products.

Lisa Yue, VTOPS' sales representative, highlighted the economic benefits and competitive advantages these machines offer to milk powder manufacturers. The launch further solidifies VTOPS' position as a leader in intelligent packaging equipment.

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